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[Android] Daybook – Diary, Journal, Note

Download [Android] Daybook – Diary, Journal, Note

Daybook is a FREE, passcode-protected personal diary, journal and notes app available for Android. Daybook is designed to record activities, experiences, thoughts and ideas throughout a day. It lets you organize your created diary/journal entries or notes from the past in the easiest way.

Best Download Android Travel Apps Daybook - Diary, Journal, Note
Best Download Android Travel Apps Daybook – Diary, Journal, Note


• SAFEGUARD MEMORIES: Daybook enables to write a private diary, memoir, journals and notes in the easiest way. Thus helps to record memories in an organized manner.

• SECURE AND PASSCODE PROTECTED: Journal with lock helps to keep the diary private. Security Code allows keeping your entries private. Data stored in the app is securely protected 

• EASY-TO-USE: It’s easy-to-use, straightforward journaling, a daily routine tracker with superior diary/journal experience. Nothing confusing, nothing complicated- its simple diary for daily writing. Just write and save journal notebook! Simple diary Calendar view helps to easily navigate to a previously written diary.

• ONE TIME SINGLE SIGN ON: Why bother having to remember yet another login details? One time Sign in using Gmail/facebook/email id per device enables it to be a journal diary with password. Notepad diary daily routine included in the app will be accessed with just passcode later on.

• FREE CONTENT STORAGE WITH AUTO DATA BACKUP: Content/photos included in the daily notes journal will be accessed from different devices and will backup to the cloud automatically. Never need to worry about losing the diary entries. Thus safeguarding memories with the diary free app. 

• SPEAK TO WRITE DIARY: Daybook Speech notes feature enable to record voice notes, creating speech to text entries powered by AI.

• MULTIPURPOSE USABILITY: Following are some of the use cases where Daybook can be used
– As a to-do list app: Journal with pictures helps to organize ideas or thoughts to maximize productivity by making notes and lists instantly. 
– As a Business diary day planner: Create agendas, write memos, craft presentations as notes using daybook as a task manager app.
– As a Trip journal app: Seamlessly enable us to travel journal including travel photos in an orderly manner. camera capture enables to take photos quickly in a simple journal.
– As a Daily expense tracker: Organize your receipts, bills and invoices daily. Note and save!
– As a Class notebook: For educational purpose, use it as – homework tracker, Assignment Planner, simple notebook, quick reference, creating quick notes with pictures
– As a wish list app: A Bullet journal aids note down wish list quickly. 

Upcoming integration:

We have planned to include following features in upcoming updates for daybook app
– diary app with Voice-activated actions Using Alexa/google assistant 
– Daily Mood tracker for the diary
– Search based on tags or location
– Import Diaro (.zip), Evernote (.enex) and Day One for Share and backup

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