[Android] The Official Workaway App for Travellers

[Android] The Official Workaway App for Travellers

Download [Android] The Official Workaway App for Travellers

37,000+ active hosts. 180+ countries. 1 community.


More than just a travel app. Workaway is the best way to give meaning to your travels. Use the Workaway travel app to connect with local hosts, meet like minded travellers along the way, and find a travel buddy to plan your new adventures with. Be a member of our unique travelling community and exchange amazing stories and ideas!

* Browse from over over 37,000 host listings from around the world to swap your skills for food and accommodation
* Find local active hosts around your current location on a map, or near your future destinations
* Quick access to your personalised favourite host list
* Apply to the hosts you want to visit and keep in touch with them on the move 
* Contact last minute hosts for immediate volunteering opportunities 
* Login from your phone whenever and wherever to easily manage and update your profile or apply on the move
* Read reviews from other members and contact them for travel advice, tips, or ask them about their stay with hosts
* See other travellers nearby your current location or in the area you are planning on travelling to
* Chat and connect with likeminded people and meet new friends along the way
* Find a travel buddy and connect your accounts to plan your next Workaway adventure, visit hosts and apply together 

NGOs, social enterprises, local farms, permaculture projects, families, schools, friendly individual locals and a lot more…
There’s something for everyone! 

There’s a whole world of new experiences beyond the tourist trail waiting for you to discover. Join the world’s leading community for sustainable travel and cultural exchange! 

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