[iOS] hive – share electric scooters

[iOS] hive – share electric scooters

Download [iOS] hive – share electric scooters

hive is joining FREE NOW!

Best Download iOS Travel Apps hive – share electric scooters
Best Download iOS Travel Apps hive – share electric scooters

Share a scooter, explore the city.

Look for the FREE NOW app, rent your personal electric scooter vehicle and discover the city from a new perspective.

It’s super easy and riding the stylish e-scooter will bring a smile on your face. Look out for the gecko green scooters now and give it a try. You’ll love it.

How it works:

Download the FREE NOW app and create your account

Find an e scooter and unlock by scanning it’s QR code or entering the code in the app

Go to your destination in a quick, fun and eco-friendly way

Park your scooter and lock it again

Pricing: 1 € to unlock and 0,15 €/min

Just pick up your hive anywhere; commute to work, go to university, hang out in the parks afterwards, scoot up and downhill and explore a new way to travel with your friends.

Sharing is fun.

Perfect for that last mile, trip to the mall, any short distances and to get around quickly and fun.

Scooter sharing is the cooler sibling of bike sharing. Time to try it.

Get on and swoooooosssh!

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