[iOS] Parker - Find open parking

[iOS] Parker – Find open parking

Download [iOS] Parker – Find open parking

Welcome to stress-free parking with Parker.

Best Download iOS Travel Apps Parker - Find open parking
Best Download iOS Travel Apps Parker – Find open parking

No more circling, just simply FIND, ROUTE, PARK & seamlessly arrive at your destination. 

Parker provides motorists with real-time guidance to available parking on-street and off-street lots/garages. Easily access pricing, time limits, hours of operations and parking restrictions, so you can park without worry. Parker conveniently allows you to tap over to mobile payment options such as ParkMobile, Passport and Pay-by-Phone, where available.

Features of Parker include: 

Real Time Guidance with Dynamic Routing in locations where we have real-time sensors

Access to rates, hours, addresses and more.

Automatic “Find My Car” – no more walking up and down rows in the lot to find your car

Built-in Alerts & Notifications on Upcoming Parking Restrictions/Expiring Meters

Turn-by-turn route navigation automatically directs you to an open parking space near your destination (where data is available).

Saves your car’s location and offers walking directions back to your car. 

Up to the minute parking availability is offered in the following locations. 

Scottsdale, AZ

Los Angeles, CA 

Hollywood, CA

Oakland, CA

Redwood City, CA 

San Carlos, CA 

San Mateo, CA 

Norwalk, CT

Sarasota, FL

St. Petersburg, FL

Clemson University, SC

Montclair State University, NJ

Oregon Health and Science University, OR

Note: Parker uses location and motion activity in the background to detect that you have parked your car. This enables Parker to show you where you parked. 

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